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2012-04-11 randomCloner for LW 10 and 11 (OSX)
New version of RandomCloner for latest versions of LW is available as a free download for all users. It requires a new license that can be obtained by registering the plugin. The old license will no longer work with this release.
PC version is coming soon.
2012-03-24 treesDesigner 1.6 for LW 10 and 11
updated version for latest LW is available as a free download. New demo is available too. 64bit only. If you are still on 32bit platform and need the plugin please contact me.
2012-03-19 treesDesigner for Mac
Finally after a long wait treesDesigner 1.6 is available for OSX. Currently it is compiled for the latest versions of LW 10 and 11. New windows version coming soon.
2010-12-11treesDesigner 1.6
another major update to the treesDesigner is available as a free update. LeavesGenerator was integrated into it to create even more realistic trees with better looking foliage. And it is much faster to create a complete tree now.
2010-08-07randomCloner goes 64bit
New version of randomCloner is available for free download for all previous users. The new version was compiled for LW9.6 both for 32 and 64 bit windows.