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2010-02-14 smartMorph 1.2 64bit update
there were some little issues with 64bit version of smartMorph that are now removed. Update available in the download section.
2010-01-01smartMorph 1.2 64bit
new version of smartMorph with LW9.6 compatibility fixes is available for download. At the same time there is 64 bit version ready for 64 bit windows. Other plugins updates coming soon.
2010-01-01 treesDesigner 1.5 64bit
treesDesigner goes 64bit! new update for LW 9.6 for 32 and 64 bit windows is available for download.
2009-01-08 smartMorph 1.1.1
Thanks to Sensei (Przemyslaw Gruchala) I was able to get rid of an annoying bug that was haunting me for a while. The new 9.5 (32bit) version is available for download