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2009-01-04 LW 9.5 updates (32bit)
Updates for treesDesigner and smartMorph for latest LightWave 9.5 are available in the download section. More updates are coming soon.
2007-12-09demo reel 2007
This web site has been very quiet recently. It is mostly because I was busy using software rather than creating a new one :-). Here is the result of my busy last two years:
Demo Reel 2007. I hope you will like it.
2007-09-24 domain problems
For last few days I had some problems with my domain name service. Both website and my email were down but now it seems everything is working ok again. If you sent me an email and didn't get a reply, please resend it. I always reply all the emails I receive so if you have an unanswered one it may not reached me. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
2006-11-17 A word of explanation
Some people seems to be confused about the new TreesDesigner update. I know that updates for my plugins were always for free and that I promised it would stay that way. If someone bought a plugin a few years ago he shouldn't be in a worse position that someone who bought it recently, should he? On the other hand now I charge $35 for TD update. What the hell? The reason I'm doing this is that actually it is not an update. It is a completely new product that is just sharing the same name. I could have changed the name to something like TD Pro and expect people to pay for it again but I decided to charge just a little and treat it as an update even if it is not. I hope it is fair enough.
2006-10-31TreesDesigner 1.5
Finally, long awaited update (1.5) for TreesDesigner is ready. Many changes including new algorithms and plenty of new features. Demo version is available in download section. LeavesGenerator was also updated (2.6) to work better with new TD and is free to download.