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2005-01-09smartMorph 1.1
The update of my latest plugin smartMorph is now available for all previous users. Please go to the download section to get the file.

main changes:
- many speed optimizations
- better envelope naming (now they are grouped under object group)
- some interface changes (sliders update like in MorphMixer etc)
2004-12-22smartMorph for OSX
Finally I managed to finish the OSX version of my latest tool. It took longer than I thought - thank you for patience. There is OSX demo version available as well so you can try it before a purchase.
2004-08-25NEW TUTORIAL
I've written new tutorial showing one of my favorites smartMorph features - time delay weightmap. I hope you will like it!
2004-08-20smartMorph 1.0
Finaly version 1.0 of smartMorph is released. This LW plugin is packed with features that make work with morphs much easier and gives a user many new revolutionary solutions. There is Demo version available as well as a few tutorials. Feel free to check videos showing SM in action. The introductory price - 85 Euro (about 105 USD) - will be availabe for 30 days.
Please feel free to take a look on my latest animation made for Mayfly Polska.
You will need an Xvid codec.