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There are new great pictures made by VIZUALIZACE STAVEB from Czech Republic in TreesDesigner Gallery. Check them out :-)
2002-10-17NEW PLUGIN Bridge Tool
Modeler plugin that is able to connect polygons groups (polys order doesn't matter) that are facing each other. Plugin will connect multiple groups at one time finding the best possible connections. Try the demo to see how simple it is.
2002-10-03NEW PLUGIN
Layout plugin - Face2Camera is free addition to RandomCloner. It is able to rotate clones to a camera position. It may be very useful for low-poly animations or backgrounds with a great deal of simple objects (for instance trees) that should be visible only from one side.
2002-09-27NEW TUTORIAL
Step by step tutorial how to create chocolate bar with peanuts using RandomCloner and TerrainMaker.
2002-09-10RANDOM CLONER 1.5
I made new version of RandomCloner especially for my friends Maciej Frolow and Radoslaw Nowakowski. They asked many new fetures :-)
Main improvements:
- size of clones can be controlled by weightmap,
- clones may have UV maps, morphmaps, weightmps and all this stuff. All information will be copied to clones.
- many, many more :-) go to RandomCloner page for details.
Previous users may download free upgrade at download section.
Also Mac version in now available!