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I've added a few new spring leaves textures. You can download them here.
2002-04-30LEAVES GENERATOR 2.5
New version of LeavesGenerator is available! Many changes, including: non-modal panel, real-time preview, colored wireframes, preset system, new leaf type, custom leaf shape extended abilities and many more. Check it out.
2002-03-29TREE MODELS
Dosch Design company has finished their new CD full with tree models made with TreesDesigner!
2002-03-05GRASS GENERATOR 2.0
New version of GrassGenerator is available! Many changes. New features:
- non-modal panel and new GUI
- real time preview in modeler viewports
- new 5 blades cross sections
- weight maps for easier animation
- presets
- colored wireframes\n
and more.
Lukasz Pazera has finished beta version (free) of new rigging system for Modeler called Smartgons. I made only a small part of this great work - editor.
The idea behind Smartgons is to give You a functionality to create entire rig inside Modeler (including IK settings, Goals, Nulls, setting up Schematic View and many more).