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Wish List for: SmartMorph
Feel free to post your wishes for next release here.
If you have any questions please mail me
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Ken[2005-09-05 16:00:03] wrote:
please make it so you an drive texture intensities. I WAS REALLY HOPING I COULD use this with normal displacemt.p to drive displacemnet maps from morph targets.
Mishel[2005-08-25 01:13:06] wrote:
Your site is realy very interesting.
Petes[2004-12-30 22:57:42] wrote:
YESSS!!!! the MAC world thanks you!!! hope to get mine in January!!!

Thanks agin buddy!
Pawel Olas[2004-12-16 11:26:54] wrote:
OSX version coming soon... it is almost done!

EFFECTORS: I did them globally on purpose. If you want to have per morph you can either have a few instances of SM or use texture mask with a gradient to get the same effect as using effector.
paul[2004-12-16 10:44:13] wrote:

It would be GREAT if you could specify which effector affects which morph rather than it having a global effect on the mixer.
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