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GrassGenerator - basics

I show you how to create realistic looking grass.

First we need a terrain to grass have some place to grow. Avoid making very large terrains. Try to make only a part visible by a camera and make grass only on it. On the background you don't need detailed grass, in most cases a texture should be enough. I think the best way is to make the terrain with a texture, make camera movments and lightning and in closing make detailed grass at foreground.

After you make your terrain cut part visible by camera. You can download sample here.

There should be no grass under the tree and on paths. Paint weightmap on cut terrain with +100% value where you want to have grass and - 100% where you don't want it.
  Now you are ready to start GrassGenerator. Leave your terrain in foreground layer, have no background layer selected and run plugin from Additional pop-up menu. The plugin is based on non-modal panel so if you don't see it you need to open numeric panel ('n' from keyboard).

As you can see GrassGenerator is equipped with a preview window. You can play with settings and see how grass changes. On the left side of it you see how much a blade is bended and limits of bend random changes. On the right side you see a blade shape.

You also can see grass blades in modeler's viewports. Size, shape, bend and other settings will follow in real time changes of numeric settings. It is really helpful while designing the grass.


Remember to choose your weight map in 'Density map' pop-up menu.

Now you have the grass. You can make another grass with more curling and with different color to add more reality to the grass field.

You should have no problems with texturing. Each grass blade is UV mapped.

Maybe you don't like a predefined shape of a grass blade. It is no problem - you can make your own. Put your shape in the background layer before you run the plugin. You can make only points. Points will be taken in order you created them. Y coordinate is unimportant.
If there is a shape in the background layer you gain access to new option. You can choose if the shape you created is closed or not - plugin is not able to determine it itself.